Preventive Health

Preventive health starts with education. Learn how to detect problems before you notice symptoms – allowing you to stay healthy, live longer, and avoid disease.

Preventive Care Checklist

Take control of your health today to ensure a healthier tomorrow with our Preventive Care Checklist. This checklist makes it easy to keep the most essential screenings and doctor visits top of mind.

Know Your Numbers

It’s hard to tell if you have hypertension because symptoms aren’t obvious. The same is true for high cholesterol. Learn how to reduce your risk of heart disease by hitting recommended goals for blood pressure, total cholesterol, body mass index, and more!
Get to Know Your Numbers

Talking with Your Doctor

Become more engaged in your health care. Here are some tips to make conversations with your doctor more valuable and a Provider Communications Checklist to help keep track of important health related matters.
Tips and Checklist for Your Next Appointment

Fall Prevention and Bone Health

Bones lose strength over time. And if you have osteoporosis - a condition that thins and weakens your bones - something as simple as a bump, sneeze or fall can cause a long-term disability. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your bone health and reduce your risk of injury.
Tips for Fall Prevention and Bone Health

Preventive Oral Health

Poor dental care can negatively affect your overall health. Make sure you take the right steps to manage your health, which includes your teeth!
Test Your Dental Health Knowledge

ABC's of a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Diet, medicine, and exercise are just some of the many ways to avoid risk. Learn the ABC's of a healthy heart and stay safe.
Tips for a Healthy Heart

Want More?

Search for information on health topics like bladder control, cholesterol screening, colorectal screening (colonoscopy), mammograms, and osteoporosis.
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