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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers are spending more than ever before on advertising and promotions. New drugs continue to come on the market, and drug manufacturers continue to raise the price of drugs. More people are taking more prescriptions than ever before. The result is an increase in the cost of prescription drugs for you and everyone in our community.

Our tiered drug benefit was designed to give you some relief from the increasing cost of prescription drugs.

This plan offers important advantages to you, including:

  • Coverage for a wide range of medications.
  • Protection for you if you need expensive medications.
  • Opportunity for you to lower your out of pocket cost by using lower cost drugs whenever possible.

It means you will continue to have coverage for the prescription drugs you need. However, you may notice a difference in what you pay at the pharmacy. With this benefit design, your co-payment/coinsurance will vary depending on the tier in which your prescription drug is placed. Our goal is to encourage you to choose value in your prescriptions.

Clinical pharmacists and doctors who practice in our community, make up our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. They review and evaluate the formulary list on an on-going basis for clinical effectiveness, quality and value.

You may want to talk to your doctor about the prescriptions you are taking. There may be a drug in the less expensive Tier One or Tier Two that meets your needs. Or, you and your doctor may decide to continue on your Non-Preferred medication. In this case, your benefit does provide coverage for you, but you will share in the cost of the drug through the higher co-payment/coinsurance.

You will pay the lower price.

You can buy your prescription drugs at any pharmacy that participates in our nationwide network.

Yes. You may find this more convenient and cost effective. You can fill prescriptions by mail with Wegmans Home Delivery or Express Scripts Home Delivery.

Follow this link to view our current drug list.

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Excellus BlueCross BlueShield contracts with the Federal Government and is an HMO plan and PPO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Excellus BlueCross BlueShield depends on contract renewal. Submit a complaint about your Medicare plan at or learn about filing a complaint by contacting the Medicare Ombudsman. Y0028_5967_C.

This page last updated 08-03-2019.